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Investment experts in agriculture of Latvia


Agri Estate

We are one of the agricultural property investment leaders in Latvia providing a trustworthy and well-structured information about agricultural land and forests available on the market, as well as ensuring transparent and professional assistance on the acquisition, sale, lease and management of agricultural land and forests, including operating farms.

Our in-house cross-departmental expertise ensures a high quality property ‘Due Diligence’ service, paying attention to the technical and legal position of the investment object. Over the years we have developed a comprehensive range of services that is in the best interest of clients and ensures investment security. 

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Investments & Development

The expertise of ActusQ provides strategical and practical support for the development of agricultural investment initiatives in Latvia including all-embracing strategical project planning and implementation, consulting and management of practical processes. We possess in-depth knowledge in the market conditions and regulations, and our company deals efficiently with public authorities and contractors. We attract EU and national grants and obtain environmental, construction and other relevant permissions for a project completion.

Our aim is to combine the best knowledge of the world’s agricultural production with the locally relevant solutions and available resources of Latvia to increase the investors' and country’s long-term business performance and effectiveness within agriculture.

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Accounting & Finance

We provide comprehensive feasibility studies including budgeting of the investment projects before their foundation. We also advise on the organization and management of long term financial health of business, starting from large strategic issues and attraction of financing to the smallest details, so that customers can enjoy the value of money. We present high quality of accounting services in accordance with the local and international standards, aligning customers’ operational specifics with the regulatory base of the country.

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Law & Tax

One of our key competitive strengths is strong legal support. We offer our customers a range of personalized law and tax services to create a structure and protect the customer's business interests at all levels. Our lawyers cover a broad range of legal advisory services within commercial, civil and administrative laws covering practice areas like real estate transactions and deal structuring, legal due diligence on acquisitions, corporate and personal tax planning, Labour law, bank financing, debt collection, alternative dispute resolution and representation of clients in relations with administrative bodies and in court.

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Expertise & Experience

We are market acknowledged specialized business advisory and management consulting company with focus on agricultural investment development. Our strength lies in targeted one-point-station advisory services for development of agricultural investment initiatives bridging best production know-how of the world to local conditions and rules.

We combine strong expertise and experience in law and tax, accounting and finances with locally relevant business development and management approaches. Today we can be proud that both local and foreign investors and public bodies have recognized our company as reliable, accountable and professional partner.


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